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Press Statements 2006

Offaly Pro-Life Campaign

Offaly Pro-Life Campaign

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News release dated 19th October 2006


Offaly Pro-Life takes issues with CPA survey on abortion

Offaly Pro-Life has disputed the findings of the latest Crisis Pregnancy Agency (CPA) telephone survey on abortion which claims that some 64% of the public believe abortion is acceptable in some circumstances. Responding to the survey, Dr.  J.B. Kelly, medical adviser to Offaly Pro-Life Campaign said:


Given the way the questions were framed the results are not at all surprising. The question dealing with abortion, for example, makes no distinction between ethical interventions in pregnancy to save the life of the mother and induced abortion where the life of the unborn child is directly targeted. By ignoring such crucial distinctions the survey is effectively meaningless.

Those advocating abortion legislation seem intent on blurring important ethical distinctions. Offaly Pro-Life maintains there is a fundamental difference between early delivery to protect the life of the mother (though the baby may not survive) and abortion carried out with the intention of targeting the life of the baby. Polls which take account of these distinctions consistently show pro-life majorities.*

It is not the first time the CPA commissioned skewed surveys on abortion. There is unease within pro-life circles including Offaly Pro-Life that the agency is spending too much time producing ideologically motivated surveys instead of introducing targeted policies to help reduce our abortion rate.





Statement Ends...





Offaly Pro-Life Campaign Chairman: Michael Keville. Medical Adviser Dr. J.B. Kelly Secretary Liam Kirwan

The Pro-Life Campaign: President Senator Des.Hanafin. Chairman: Dr. Joe McCarroll


issued 06 July 2006


Comment on abortion statistics released by British Department of Health




Offaly Pro-Life Campaign welcomes the decrease in Irish abortions in England and Wales in 2005. Against a background of a slight increase in abortions on residents of England & Wales, abortions on residents of the Irish Republic fell to 5,585 in 2005 compared to 6,217 in 2004,  Abortions on girls under 20 fell from 798 in 2004 to 694 in 2005, a fall of 13%.
This is a welcome development. 
The Pro-Life Campaign published opinion polls on life related issues over a week ago and noted with satisfaction that resistance to legalised abortion and support for the protection of unborn life had strengthened. Maybe this has something to do with changing attitudes resulting in these positive improvements.




Statement ends



Offaly Pro-Life Campaign Chairman: Michael Keville. Secretary Liam Kirwan 

The Pro-Life Campaign: President Senator Des.Hanafin. Chairman: Dr. Joe McCarroll

 issued March 2006

Does the Government
care about Human Life?
It's up to you to make sure they do

     The Commission on Assisted Human Reproduction recommends that destructive experiments on living human embryos should be allowed in Ireland.

    The Government failed to provide adequate representation for the pro-life position on this Commission.

    The Oireachtas Committee on Health, chaired by Fianna Fail TD John Moloney refused to hold hearings into the Commission's report, despite a promise to do so.

     Ireland is supporting EU funding for destructive research on human embryos - while Italy, Germany, Slovakia, Poland and Malta oppose it. Why?

     The Crisis Pregnancy Agency, established by the Government to reduce abortions, has no specific policies to bring this about and is part of the problem rather than the solution.

It's time for pro-life voices to be heard!

      During April/May the Pro-Life Campaign will hold meetings nationwide to create awareness of the Government's failure to legislate to respect human life at its earliest stages.

     We want to remind the Government parties of their obligation to protect life at all stages.

    The coming High court dispute over frozen embryos is a wake up call to all who value human life.

Offaly Pro-Life Campaign meeting addressed by
a speaker from Dublin will be held in
The Bridge House Tullamore
on Wednesday 19th April at 8 pm.
Please come and give your support.
Together we can ensure that our Government gets the message.
Success depends on your support.



List of venues

Tuesday 4th April 8 pm
Arklow Bay hotel
Co Wicklow

Wednesday 5th April 8 pm
Enterprise Centre
Co Monaghan


Thursday 6th April 8 pm
Convention Centre
Silver Springs Hotel
Co. Cork

Tuesday 11th April 8pm
Embassy Hotel
Kennedy Parade

Wednesday 12th April 8pm
Ridgepool hotel
Co. Mayo

Tuesday 18th April 8 pm
Menlo Park Hotel

Wednesday 19th April 8 pm
Durrow Room
Bridge house

Thursday 20th April 8 pm
Irish Masters Meeting Room

Further dates to be announced



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