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Life Pregnancy Care Service

Life Pregnancy Care Service Midlands now offer a drop in service every Saturday from 10 am to 1 pm at the LIFE centre
7 B Cormac street, Tullamore
Co. Offaly.
Five minutes walk from the railway station on the way to town.

Phone 057 93 41110.


Services include Counselling and Care and a free pregnancy test.



If being pregnant is a problem for you Life Pregnancy Care Service are here to help.
We have a care centre at 7 B Cormac Street Tullamore. Phone 057 93 41110

Where you can get a free pregnancy test- with immediate results for personal callers.


Our sympathetic counsellors can help you talk out and think through all aspects of your situation.

They will provide the care and support you need, are non judgemental and absolutely confidential.
You will be able to explore all your options and reach an informed decision.
If you need post-abortion counselling we can make an appointment for you at one of our other centres
Other LIFE centres are in  
Cork 021 4270445,
Galway 091 566939,
Letterkenny 074 27007,
Thurles 1514 24402 and
19/30 Dame Street Dublin
You can contact LIFE on 1850 281 281 any day from 9 am to 9pm for the price of a local call.
Visit our website



Next meeting Saturday 18th November at 1.00 pm in our Care Centre  at

7 B Cormac Street,
you can mail us at


Telephone counselling is available every day from 9am to 9pm on the help-line 1850 281 281 for the price of a local call.

Pictured below, members of Life Pregnancy Care


New Life Pregnancy Care Service centre opens for the Midlands

The Vice Chairman of The Midland Health Board, Councillor Eamon Dooley officially opened the new LIFE Pregnancy Care Service at 7B Cormac Street, Tullamore, which will serve Laois, Offaly Westmeath Longford, and all midland counties. LIFE is a non-denominational, non-party political organisation offering counselling and care to women experiencing a crisis pregnancy.

Dr. J.B. Kelly, Chairman of the Midlands Centre welcomed all present and complimented the women volunteers for their effort and determination in getting the centre up and running and offering the service. He referred to British Government statistics for 2001, which show that almost a third of all women in the UK will have at least one abortion in their lifetime and over 5.5 million British and Irish women have had abortions since 1967. He said this showed the need for a service such as Life Pregnancy Care Service and it gave him great pleasure to be part of the group who have organised and set up the centre in the Midlands.

Mr. Dooley said it was a pleasure for him to officially open the Life Pregnancy Care Service in the Midlands and praised the work of voluntary organisations, which is needed more than ever today. He hoped LIFE would become better known in the Midlands and assured all present of the support of the Midland Health Board for the future.
Mrs. Anne Kennedy, National Administrator of LIFE thanked Cllr. Dooley for his presence, which was indicative of the new relationship emerging between state and voluntary organisations and acknowledged the funding provided by the Department of Health to establish the service. This was greatly appreciated but a huge voluntary effort was also needed to make the dream a reality. Ms. Kennedy said that Volunteers are the mainstay of the work of LIFE and spoke about the difficulty being experienced by many voluntary organisations in recruiting new volunteers.
Co-operation between voluntary and statutory organisations is essential to provide a comprehensive care service and Ms. Kennedy expressed a hope that the Crisis Pregnancy Agency would make funding available for voluntary counselling and for the training and support of new and experienced volunteers.
She said that practical help and support during pregnancy and after birth, particularly in the areas of accommodation and creche facilities would help women to avoid abortion and expressed regret that no funding was currently available for post abortion counselling

The National Chairman of Life Pregnancy Care Service Fr. Kevin Doran said it is 21 years since the first Life Pregnancy Care Service started and it is significant to have another centre open at this time. It was just a year ago that the committee first set out to organise the centre in the midlands and they showed great determination in locating a premises, recruiting volunteers, participating in the counsellor course and opening to the public in the space of 12 months. He said he would like to pay tribute to the many volunteers who over the years have maintained the service throughout the country and he hoped that the success in the Midlands would inspire people in other areas to get involved in this work.
LIFE Public Relations Officer for the midland region, Ms. Helen Williams, a nurse and mid-wife spoke about the free, confidential and non-judgemental service offered at the new Centre, which includes pregnancy testing (with immediate results for personal callers), counselling, advice on social welfare entitlements and referral to legal and medical advice if needed. What is important she said is that a woman will be given time to consider all her options and to reach an informed decision. Our women volunteers strive to understand the dilemma of any girl or woman in a crisis pregnancy. Whatever the womans decision it will make demands emotionally, physically, and financially. Help and support is also available for families and partners and Ms. Williams assured women that LIFE counsellors were there to listen, to care, to help. In the future the Midlands Centre hopes to be able to offer a post abortion service and an education programme, currently available at other LIFE centre which may be contacted through the Helpline 1850 281 281
The Midlands LIFE Centre will serve Laois, Offaly Westmeath, and Longford and all the midland counties is open every Saturday from 12 noon to 3pm. Other centres are located at Cork 021 427 0445, Dublin 01 679 8989, Galway 091 566 939, Tallaght 01 462 3181, Thurles 0504 24402. Telephone counselling is available on the Helpline 1850 281 281 every day from 9 am to 9pm.

If you or someone you know would like to help in this worthwhile work please contact: The secretary, LIFE Pregnancy Care Service, 7B Cormac Street, Tullamore.